Aluminium profiles customized for the new coffee dispenser.
Aluminium profiles customized for the new coffee dispenser.

Exclusive coffee

Wittenborg coffee dispensers

Aluminium sends an exclusive signal with its silvery surface. Combined with the fact that products are easier to move and clean, the overall impression gets ”shining clean”. Products, dressed in aluminium, are also very popular in kitchens, cafeterias and canteens, where a clean and exclusive look is important.

Wittenborg, the biggest supplier of vending machines in Northern Europe, aims to make a new product more exclusive by adding a front panel, made of brushed aluminium.  

Wittenborg contacted Alumeco with a sketch. The sketch was then developed by the technically skilled employees at Alumeco, presenting the client a more ”press-friendly” front panel, as well as cost-saving use of the metal.

Today, Alumeco is regular supplier of profiles for Wittenborg, since Alumeco delivers flawless products with completely perfect surfaces - a vital parameter for Wittenborg.


Alumeco delivers more than 15,000 front panels to Wittenborg per year.