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Block sawing machine in our facility in Coswig, Germany.
Block sawing machine in our facility in Coswig, Germany.

Reduced waste, saved costs

When W. Olsen in Haslev processes aluminium blocks for various moulds, the company needs blocks that are customised for each specific project, in order to save costs and reduce waste.

Alumeco Service centre

The logic is quite simple: When W. Olsen, manufacturing moulds for the packaging and automotive industry, can order all the required blocks made-to-measure and ready to use, and thereby avoid unnecessary waste - the company does not have to pay for quantities, not used for manufacture:

- It’s simply less kilos to pay for. And the client does not have to spend huge amounts of money for stocking, since he really uses us as stock, says Casper Sørensen, Sales Consultant at Alumeco and continues:

- Since we also handle the block processing and adjustment, the client does not have to invest in sawing, ventilation, working environment and other investment areas, which would be mandatory in terms of block processing.

When time matters

For most manufacturing companies, time, flexibility and production flow matter. The same goes for W. Olsen, who has access to the required and adjusted components within 48 hours:

- If the client places an order before noon, we can saw and ship the blocks within 24 hours. The adjusted blocks are sent by Alumeco the day after ordering at the latest, says Casper Sørensen and adds the following about aluminium thick plates, processed into blocks:

- In general, the thicker the plates are, the harder they are to handle for the client. However, we can handle and process plates from 10 to 200 mm at Alumeco and even plates up to 1000 mm in collaboration with our partners.

Alumeco has numerous "thick plate alloys" in stock with direct delivery from Odense or our subsidiary in Germany.

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