"When making new profiles, we leave it to the experts at Alumeco.." says BASES
"When making new profiles, we leave it to the experts at Alumeco.." says BASES

Aluminium enables elegance and maximum flexibility

Since the foundation in 2003, BASES A/S has developed a series of carports and canopies of high quality, elegant design and light materials. Aluminium is a central component in the solutions for BASES, since it enables great flexibility and numerous advantages.

- We are a customer-oriented company, delivering canopy solutions, incl. bicycle sheds, terrace coverings and carports. If we don’t have the solution at hand, we will create it, since we are extremely focused on customised solutions. This requires flexibility, which we can offer by working with aluminium, says John Schnor, owner of BASES A/S in Middelfart, where the company just opened a new large exhibition at BYGGECENTRUM.

Natural centre

BASES’ original design was developed by the Danish designer Christian Bjørn, with whom the company still works closely. From the beginning, the combination of modern design and light materials has characterised all BASES solutions and with aluminium being the natural centre:

- Our use of aluminium has from the beginning meant that we can incorporate some features in the profiles.  We can for example easily and elegantly add glass. We can cut the material on site, where it is more difficult to work with e. g. galvanised steel, since it is processed on beforehand.

- The possibility to process on site means that we can create solutions relatively fast on site with our clients. The distance between enquiry and the final project is simply very short, says John Schnor and defines a few of the other advantages of using aluminium:

- The material doesn’t rust and change colour, since it has been surface-treated (natural anodisation), and we can incorporate many smart features and functions, impossible to incorporate in steel profiles.  

Many resources

When John Schnor and Christian Bjørn realised that the newest design should be made of aluminium, BASES contacted Alumeco:

- We contacted Alumeco, who we have been cooperating with ever since, even though others have tried to hook up with us. But Alumeco is the biggest company in terms of aluminium in the Nordic region and for a reason. They have a big organisation, offering great price volume and top service.

- When making new profiles, we leave it to the experts at Alumeco to decide how far we can go in terms of tools. Alumeco is also good at finding the right profile suppliers, regardless where in the world. Alumeco is completely in control in terms of organisation, since they have many resources. That is a great advantage, John Schnor states.

John Reimer, Key Account Manager at Alumeco, about the solution for BASES:

- We deliver extruded and processed materials for BASES, whose team of technicians travel around the country and mount the solutions. Prior to delivery, we helped BASES constructing the profiles and finalising the product, in order to help the client with the total package as to aluminium and processing.

- Alumeco e. g. delivers aluminium for profiles for rafters, pre-rolled and processed, and ready for use. The pillars for sheds, carports, terraces, bicycle sheds and other canopies are also made of extruded aluminium profiles, delivered shortened as well as in pairs, packed and ready for mounting on site.

This case was made in cooperation with Bases

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