Soroe: H-Line

H-Line: Product Design awarded
H-Line: Product Design awarded

A project-oriented sparring partner 

Sorø Møbler’s newly developed conference table for the H-Line range has been successfully implemented several places around the world. Recently on the enormous Orgatec fair in Cologne, where the company from Zealand received great feedback on the product:

"People are thrilled about the table, both in Cologne, New York and other places. So now, we are working on a H-Line chair", says Jens Bjerregaard, CEO of Sorø Møbler and responsible for product development.

During the design process of the table, Alumeco has been a valuable sparring partner in terms of development of the legs in aluminium, a visible and distinct part of the overall impression of the table:

"Alumeco has been focused and very project-oriented. I like that, since many suppliers just think about ”sales, here and now”, says Jens Bjerregaard.

The employees make the difference

About the actual partnership, Jens Bjerregaard says:

 "We present Alumeco to a project and they find out how to handle it. The same goes for the contact with subcontractors - they simply link the chain for us,” says Jens Bjerregaard, also stressing a vital element in the dialogue between Sorø Møbler and Alumeco:

"The employees make the difference. They are able to take constructive criticism along the way. In return, they are great at giving us their honest opinion about what is possible and what is not".

Part of the whole process

Being Sales Coordinator in Alumeco´s department for special sections and processing, Morten Bohn was responsible for developing the right solution for Sorø Møbler:

Alumeco Special Profile used for H-line
Special profile from Alumeco used for H-line

"When Sorø Møbler´s architect had finished the draft, they contacted us for further product development.  We then had an initial meeting with a briefing about all the practical issues concerning manufacture, quality, finish etc. So we were part of the whole process. After determining the construction, we continued with manufacture of the product, including manufacture, surface treatment, mounting and finally special packing", Morten Bohn says and continues:

"The advantage of involving us from the beginning is that we are part of the product development and can make it profitable for the client to manufacture the element”.

The article was made in cooperation with Sorø Møbler.