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Stage in aluminium approved by TÜV
Stage in aluminium approved by TÜV

Aluminium in a leading role

Nordic Staging develops professional stages/floors, crowd barriers, light podium solutions and other solutions for show business with high demands for the materials used. They must be able to withstand the biggest shows and also be easy to handle.

Aluminium stage solution

The load from the world’s biggest rock bands and other artists is one thing. Another thing is the consideration in terms of entire crews of roadies and helpers, who handle the technical setup before, during and after a show – including the stage solutions. They must be functional and as light as possible, when being installed and removed. Thus, aluminium plays a leading role in many of Nordic Staging’s solutions:

- The materials, supplied by Alumeco, are used for professional stage floors, which must be approved by the German TÜV - one of the world’s strictest test institutes. Here, the solutions are tested for strength and must be able to withstand up to 750 kg per square metre, since it should withstand the weight from both people and equipment, says Dorthe B. Sørensen, Sales Manager at Nordic Staging in Løsning.

- Our stage floor system is known to be easy to handle and it can be installed and removed in a short period of time. Of course, aluminium was the perfect solution, when we started drawing the floor. The aesthetics of the material is also important to us.

Flexibility and insight

The aluminium profiles of the stage solutions from Nordic Staging are special profiles, developed specifically for each system:

- This means that we can acquire our own tools and unique special profiles. Since we are sometimes under pressure in terms of time, Alumeco makes an effort to help us out as much as possible and it is quite important to me that Alumeco understands what we use the aluminium for. That they understand our line of business - and the terms and conditions we work under.

Special profile for Nordic Staging

I am really pleased about the close dialogue we have concerning the right timing during the planning phase, says Dorthe B. Sørensen and continues:

 - Of course, the price is vital, and we have situations where the price difference between two suppliers is small, so it is good that partnership and service are taken into consideration as well.  Here, Alumeco’s combination of flexibility, good service and the right price really counts.

Standard materials and special profiles

Alumeco has worked closely with Nordic Staging for a number of years and delivered both standard materials (often made-to-measure) and special profiles, made from aluminium:

- In terms of special profiles, we try to participate in the client’s projects as early as possible, since this gives us the opportunity to advise the client about what is possible and what should be avoided. It’s a dialogue, which we value greatly, since it is the precondition for achieving the perfect solution, says Hans Martin Westergaard, Sales Consultant/External Sales at Alumeco, who is currently finalising another special profile for Nordic Staging.


The case was made in cooperation with Nordic Staging. 

Aluminium profile used in Nordic Staging solution
Aluminium profile used in Nordic Staging solution
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