The New Car Park at The Copenhagen University Hospital

Customised Profiles applied as Solar Screening.
Customised profiles applied as solar screening.

Customised Profiles from Alumeco Applied as Solar Screening in an Architect Designed Solution

Alumeco has delivered customised profiles on a large scale for the new car park at the Copenhagen University Hospital. The development of the profiles took place in close cooperation with Solatek, which specialises in solar screening. The result was an impressive, architect designed solar screening solution consisting of flattened customised profiles in four different lengths.

Flattened Profiles with a Twist

3XN has developed the design solution for Solatek. For this job, Solatek needed profiles which could be bent into a twisted shape in order to provide the solution’s solar screening function, but also to add the desired aesthetic expression.

For this purpose, Alumeco has delivered almost 90 tonnes of customised profiles made from the aluminium type EN AW-6063 T4, which is a bendable material that, at the same time, holds the necessary strength. The many profiles act as lamellas in various lengths and are mounted on brackets allowing for the rotation of the lamellas according to the position of the sun. Dan Vals A/S has performed the bending of the profiles.

Dimensions Beyond the Usual

The car park’s solar screening consists of 5424 meters of aluminium lamellas with a size of 400 x 15 mm in four different lengths. The size of the profiles is approximately twice as large as the profiles usually kept in stock. In order to be able to produce the particularly requested profile dimensions, Alumeco has developed a customised tool for the purpose in cooperation with the customer.

Delivery on Time

The development of materials is not the only crucial aspect of a collaborative process. Michael Lind Christensen, Constructing Architect at Solatek, also points out the importance of having the materials made available in the correct quantities on time:”The materials arrived on time and in the quantities, we had agreed upon. This is of great importance to a project of this size, as we are deeply dependent on receiving the materials at the agreed time, partly because some of the materials were to be passed on to subcontractors for further processing. Our cooperation with Alumeco was smooth and all agreements were met.”

The case has been developed in cooperation with Solatek Solafskærmning

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