Wood-burning stoves withstanding high temperatures
Wood-burning stoves withstanding high temperatures

Elegant look with aluminium - Scan 58                  

The Danish manufacturer of wood-burning stoves, SCAN Pejse from Vissenbjerg on Funen, is successful on both the Danish and international markets. In order to maintain and develop this position, SCAN is constantly developing new products. Most recent with a new range of stoves, developed in cooperation with an external design agency. A range, in which aluminium contributes to an elegant look and an innovative design.                       

- We normally use stainless steel, especially for the sides of the stoves. However, the problem was that it changed colour on the door with incorporated glass, due to the high temperature, says Procurement Manager  Michael Steenshard, who is also responsible for the new “58” product range.

- Thus, we needed another material with the same look, which was able to withstand the high temperature without changing colour. Aluminium was the perfect choice, so we started to make some tests and it turned out that the aluminium didn’t change form or colour, even though it got a bit soft.

No time for a ”do-over”

Michael Steenshard’s next challenge was to find a supplier, able to take the process to the next level:

- We needed a supplier with knowledge about aluminium and Alumeco seemed to be perfect. We needed a solution, manufactured and extruded specifically for us. The partnership with Alumeco turned out to be really well. It normally takes a lot of samples, but we just got it right the first time. And it was even last minute, so there was no time for a ”do-over”, since we had a product that had to be launched at a certain time, he says about the process and partnership.

- With the time we had to develop and launch the product, the challenge was to get the drawings in place. If we had to look for a manufacturer simultaneously, it would have delayed the process. Alumeco did the job for us and it really turned out to be a win-win situation.  

Insight and technical interest

For Michael Steenshard, the sparring about the use of the aluminium and the sourcing part as a whole during the process was also important:

- With Alumeco, we had a competent sparring partner with great insight and comprehensive technical knowhow. Thus, we had a good dialogue about things from the beginning, says Michael Steenshard, who also received valuable input for concept adjustments along the way, in order for things to be ready, once the manufacture was good to go.

The article was made in cooperation with Scan. 


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