"Aluminium is the right choice" says Henrik Lauridsen, CEO of Domex Skylight
"Aluminium is the right choice" says Henrik Lauridsen, CEO of Domex Skylight

Plenty of overhead light

Domex Skylight manufactures and mounts skylights in both private and commercial buildings, where skylight solutions add plenty of light to the rooms below. Special profiles, made of aluminium constitute the main part of the solid and weather-proof frame around the transparent material.

Skylights with aluminium profiles

 A skylight adds plenty of light to a room, where the light from windows and doors is insufficient. Domex manufactures all kinds of skylights in different sizes and shapes, and in polycarbonate (PC) and acrylic. The skylights come with advanced solutions for opening. An aluminium frame attaches the transparent material to the roof of the building:

- There are several reasons for us to use aluminium for the frame construction. Mainly because the material visually is the right choice. And because aluminium is light, which makes it easy to handle. It is simply easy to work with, says Henrik Lauridsen, CEO of Domex Skylight.

No alternative

The aluminium profiles, used for the skylight frames, are made especially for Domex:

- They are using our unique profiles. And they are made of aluminium, since there is actually no alternative material on the market. It is a great material, both short and long term, Henrik Lauridsen says and continues:

- However, the quality of the material is one thing. The quality and personal relation of our dialogue with Alumeco is another. The price and the whole package at Alumeco matched our company, when we were in need of a new supplier. We use Alumeco for stocking of profiles and it is advantageous that Alumeco is so responsive to our wishes and needs.

Part of the development early on

Skylights from Domex are used in both commercial and industrial buildings all over the country - for example on top of supermarkets, storage buildings, industrial buildings etc. A current example is the new central storage building of Dansk Supermarked outside Aarhus. This building also has skylights with aluminium profiles, jointly developed by Domex and Alumeco:

- We were part of the development early on, as our designer cooperated with the client’s technical designer, enabling us to use our skills. For example regarding extrusion - and we optimised the client’s solution in terms of effectiveness and functionality, says Jess Jørgensen, Sales Consultant at Alumeco.

- In practice, this project required a solution for the avoidance of thermal bridges. Thus, it was necessary to create profiles with a material like plastic incorporated between the inner and outer layer.

- We made proposals in terms of what was possible, both technically and financially, and we have subsequently established buffer storage for Domex, so the client can reduce storage costs.


The case was made in cooperation with Domex. 


  • Visually beautiful with aluminium solution
  • Skylights made by Domex
  • Skylights made by Domex
  • Special profiles customized for Domex
  • Skylights from Domex
  • Skylights from Domex