Using aluminium gives a good look and clean design to the furniture.
Using aluminium gives a good look and clean design to the furniture.

Dencon: Danish Manufacturer    

The Danish manufacturer of board-based furniture has constant focus on its core business and main competences. In return, close cooperation with company suppliers enables access to products, solutions and competences that complete Dencon’s own strengths.

- We are the best at what we do - making board-based furniture. This is where we bundle our knowledge and skills. And that’s why we don’t know much about aluminium, which we use for legs and frames on chairs and tables. However, with Alumeco, we have a partner, who knows all about this field.

- It is also interesting for us that Alumeco has storage facilities close by. It makes us much more flexible and we can offer shorter delivery times, says Henrik Feld, CEO and owner of the furniture company from Skive:

- When starting up a project, we contact an architect. We then add partners and suppliers, and we need Alumeco for sparring about considerations along the way. Should we use outsourcing, for instance in China? Should parts be extruded?

Buffer storage and short delivery times

There are by and large no limitations in terms of which materials, Dencon can add on chipboards, when manufacturing furniture for the primary markets of the company:

- We can add veneer, linoleum etc. on the boards, when manufacturing furniture for workstations, storage, reception areas, conference rooms and canteen facilities. All the areas have a common thread, says Henrik Feld.

- We offer our clients a complete solution of products for these areas. It may be small and medium-sized companies, public clients and a professional segment, where we can match requirements for GS, EN and ISO certifications, since items should be able to withstand certain conditions with professional clients.

The quality bar is high

- The product range, for which Dencon mainly uses aluminium, contains high-end products with a high quality bar. The products should look good and be in the best order, says Peter Zierau, Key Account Manager at Alumeco.

- Dencon was originally a traditional furniture company with skills within chipboard processing. Working with aluminium is quite new to them. Thus, we have partnered up in terms of product development with aluminium, and we are part of the journey to the desired final product.

Calma is a new unique line of office furniture from Dencon. Calma’s timeless look is underlined by the clean design, mixed with simple details such as integrated handles and functional buttons. Alumeco and Dencon have jointly manufactured fronts for drawers, legs, handles, rails etc. in aluminium.

This case is written in cooperation with Dencon. Dencon logo