"This was one of the more advanced products we delivered in aluminium" Purchaser at RIEGENS
"This was one of the more advanced products we delivered in aluminium" Purchaser at RIEGENS

Cyclo IP65 - A bright idea

Martin Professional is one of the market’s most innovative players within the field of lighting for stages, facades and rooms of the world. The company Riegens from Odense has - based on a similar status on the market for industrial lighting – been subcontractor on the development of a new and quite unique solution. Part of the solution consists of nine different profiles that should work as an ingenious system.

- This was one of the more advanced products we delivered in aluminium. Our solutions typically consist of a few aluminium profiles. However, here a variety of functions must interact, and we actually succeeded, even though the task was complicated, says Bjarne Bengtson, Purchaser at Riegens, who was very content about the partnership with Alumeco concerning the projects including aluminium:

- We contact Alumeco, when we need extruded profiles. They typically get our profile drawings for approval. Along the way, they give us feedback and we appreciate this, since it is their area of competence, says Bjarne Bengtson.

Interaction about technique and finances

The dialogue during a common project that includes both Riegens and Alumeco, is especially about technical and financial issues:

- It may concern a small detail that makes it easier and less expensive to manufacture, since we always try to make the product fit the actual circumstances, Bjarne Bengtson says.

All colours of the rainbow

For Alumeco, the task has been no less challenging than for Riegens. Project Manager Anders Kildevæld says the following about this interesting project:

- Martin Professional had a concept, which Riegens continued to develop. In this regard, we have advised Riegens about what was actually possible in terms of profile design and processing.

- The product was interesting, since it includes so many complex profiles that must be clicked and locked together. Generally, it is a new and unique concept, since the lamp consists of a white neon light and three basic colours, which can be mixed into all colours of the rainbow. And it was designed for both indoor and outdoor lighting, Anders Kildevæld says.

The article was made in cooperation with Riegens.