Aluminium in cooling products
Aluminium in cooling products

Cooling manufacturer: Nissens A/S

The cooling manufacturer Nissens A/S, located in Horsens, has for the past few years undergone a notable development within organisation, development, manufacture, logistics and sale. Everything has been discussed in terms of making Nissens not only an international, but a global player. This development also makes new requirements for partners and suppliers of the company.  

The basis of Nissens’ current transformation from an international to a global player is among other the global clients and about 75 dedicated employees, working in three continents. Further sales companies in 18 countries around the world and focus on the product areas vehicle cooling systems, climate products and thermal solutions. The common base is a clearly defined strategy that works as a guiding principle for all employees:

- The development, which we have been through and are still undergoing, requires partners, who can help us worldwide. Alumeco is a great example of such a partner, since their setup is global and we have a global perspective, says Lene Andreasen, Corporate Purchasing Manager at Nissens.

- Some of our requirements for suppliers are increased flexibility, short response times and extensive product knowhow, regardless where in the world we operate. Further professional technical service that can contribute to the education of our employees, because it makes us stronger when in dialogue with Nissens’ clients.  With Alumeco, we feel that they are able to meet our requirements and expectations.

90 years and still finding the right formula

Aluminium is a central material in Nissens’ manufacture, since it contributes with qualities, attractive to the markets, on which the company is succeeding:

- We use aluminium in most of our manufacture. Both for solutions for construction machines, wind turbines and vehicles - three of our main business areas, where the qualities of aluminium such as low weight and corrosion resistance are vital, says Lene Andreasen:

- Nissens A/S celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2011 and throughout the years, we have aimed to find the right formula for use and integration of various materials, for instance aluminium, where we specialise in products made of solder aluminium - a solution, which in many respects is fully competitive with products made of plastic and other materials.

Close and early on

Key Account Manager Peter Zierau, Alumeco, has experienced the development at Nissens, which Lene Andreasen addresses:

- Nissens has been a good client of ours for years, which is why we today have a comprehensive partnership concerning various aluminium products, and the company has developed a lot these past few years.

- We have worked closely with the client in terms of the global perspective and logistics as a whole, when delivery and manufacture takes place in China, Slovakia and Denmark, says Peter Zierau and continues:

- Nissens is going through an immense development and they are constantly developing new products. It is a huge advantage to us that we get to be close and part of the dialogue on aluminium early on in the development process.

The case was made in cooperation with Nissens. 


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