Polestar Vallensbæk

Polestar Vallensbæk


Product: STACBOND - Gold Metallic | Trafic White


500 m2


Tegnstuen Egholm


New showroom for electric cars

The swedish EV brand Polestar has opened a 540 m2 showroom - a so-called Polestar destination - in Vallensbæk outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. The showroom will have 8 employees and is run by Via Biler, the Danish Polestar partner.

A minimalist and raw look is the DNA of both the Polestar brand and the new showroom. To achieve the look, the facade is clad with STACBOND cassettes in the colour Traffic White and the entrance is framed by cassettes in the colour Gold Metallic.

The minimalist look on the facade is underlined by the 4800 mm cassettes which stretch upwards in the full height of the upper part of the building in one piece.

Get a tour of the new Polestar Destination:

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