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Special Alucobond solution brings new life to the Wittrup building

The distinctive dome building Wittrup near Vejle has been transformed from a carpet mill to an all-in-one provider of all things associated with luxury cars and motorcycles. It now houses the company MY GARAGE.

The building has been upgraded with a completely new façade and fascia, specifically designed for the purpose. Alumeco Byg, which among other things specialises in façade solutions as well as in individual designs and structures, has delivered the custom-made and custom-varnished Alucobond panels for the façade and fascia of the building.

Gluing deliver an exclusive appearance

The façade and fascia solution involves mounting the plates using a glue system, thanks to which attachments are concealed.

- The customer wanted an exclusive and detail-oriented look, which is why the façade and fascia panels have been glued,” says Nicolai Schmidt, project consultant and construction manager at Alumeco, and continues:

- Gluing ensures fewer visible joints in the overall general appearance of the façade. The joints used are designed in cooperation with the façade contractor, to whom we have delivered custom-designed profiles. This way, the joints are less visible, giving the building that special and exclusive look the customer was after.

Special paint adds the finishing touch

The golden paint MY GARAGE uses in its logo appears on the façade of the Wittrup building. Alucobond plates are painted with the custom-made, golden paint which, together with the gluing of the façade that is customised down to the smallest detail, provides a solution that elegantly and with respect for the original architecture of the building breathes new life into the old framework.

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