Facades on pavilions on Kvæsthusbroen

Kvæsthusbroen i København

People relaxing at Kvaesthusbroen.


Address: Kvæsthusbroen, 1252 København K
Materials: Tombak CuZn15 fra KME
Architect: Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter
Dimension: Ca. 60 ton

On Kvæsthusbroen in Copenhagen, you find Ofelia Square, which is part of the Kvæsthus-project. Here you will see golden pavilions shoot up, some of them are elevators to the underground parking garage below.


The pavilions are clad in Tombak CuZn15, which is a KME material, supplied by Metalcenter Group. The design of the facade is very special, as it was a wish that the thick plates could be seen from the front of the pavilions.


The 60 tons of cladding is supplied in thickness 1, 2 and 10 mm. The thick 10 mm plates add an exceptional and impressive look to the pavilions.

  • Kvæsthusbroen at Ofelia Sqaure
  • Kvæsthusbroen using Tombak CuZn15
  • Kvæsthusbroen

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