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Plancast Plus Eloxx

Plancast Plus Eloxx in alloy 5754

The front plate got the right finish


Aluminium is a central material, when metal contract manufacturer JJ Mechatronic manufactures customised metal components - for instance for the medical industry. It’s all about great logistics, sparring and a plate type, giving a tricky front plate the right finish.


Plancast Plus Eloxx in alloy 5754 is one of the newest types of standard plates, incorporated in manufacture at JJ Mechatronic. Precision and finish are crucial, when clients from the medical industry are in need of specific metal components:  


- Aluminium is in general used extensively within the medical and electronic fields, which we are dedicated to. The material is light, does not strain our processing machines as hard metals, and we have our own painting facility for aluminium, where we can make wet and powder coatings. It enables us to create a first-class finish, important to our clients, says Willy Madsen, who is responsible for sales and new projects.


Specialised in customised solutions

The family-owned company from Jyderup on Zealand has specialised in what Willy Madsen calls ”following the project from drawing/design, over manufacture of the prototype, the 0-series, to final manufacture”. We are 100% a contract manufacturer in terms of customised solutions - and when changes occur that require quick decisions. This requires certain things from the employees at JJ Mechatronic; you must like challenges and be the type of person, who dislikes just standing at a machine, producing the same component all the time”, Willy Madsen says and continues:


- Once and a while, we have a component that doesn’t work. We then turn to Alumeco for sparring. And they do it well, because they are in contact with various factories and are able to gain valuable knowledge. This was our luck, when we were developing a front plate for an intraoral scanner unit for a medical company, and it can be hard to anodise the front plant for it to have the right finish. With the help of Alumeco, we found the right solution in Plancast Plus Eloxx.


Complete process and grain structure control

Christian Bonnicksen, Head of Products at Alumeco, tells about the new plate and the anodising that helped JJ Mechatronic with this specific project:


- When anodising thick plates, the result may be less beautiful, but with this plate type, they had complete control of the process and grain structure. That makes the plate especially suitable for anodising and you achieve the desired result - a great finish with avoidance of the risk of an uneven surface.


- The decor means a lot for companies like JJ Mechatronic, manufacturing different machine components. And we got the beautiful surface with Plancast Plus Eloxx, made from a special moulded and slab milled alloy 5754 plate. Due to the moulding, the material is not affected during processing, says Christian Bonnicksen and refers to Alumeco having the plate in storage in five thicknesses in the future:


- Our clients can order large and very small quantities, in order to ensure clients quick delivery and flexible quantities.


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  • Plancast Plus Eloxx
  • Plancast Plus Eloxx
  • Plancast Plus Eloxx
  • Plancast Plus Eloxx
  • Plancast Plus Eloxx