”Now we get everything in one delivery”

”Now we get everything in one delivery”

After the merger of Alumeco and Metalcenter Group in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, you can buy aluminium, copper, bronze, brass and stainless steel from Alumeco.

We asked our customers, who previously bought from both Alumeco and Metalcenter Group, how the bundling of all metals in one company affects their work.

One order, one delivery, one invoice

“Now I can issue one order, get one delivery and one invoice, and I only need to do one goods receipt. That makes a big difference in my daily work,” says Martin Funk, logistics manager at Kamf.

For those of our customers who often order small quantities, the bundling of materials means that the different metals are now automatically assigned to the same delivery, saving delivery costs.

Saves time and carbon emissions

Jill Lomholt from HST A/S also empathises the simplification of deliveries:

We are certified according to an environmental management system, so it is important for us to bundle our orders in one delivery and save CO2. It also simplifies a lot of processes in purchasing when we can do everything in one call with one salesperson.

Webshop makes it even simpler

The merger also means that it is now possible to order all five materials through our webshop.

“9 out of 10 times when I need a standard length, I use the webshop. It is so easy, and I can choose my standard products from the “favourites” list,” Jill Lomholt says.

In the webshop you can also accepts offers, see you invoices and discounts and download drawings for all your customised profiles.