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The Alumeco Group is expanding the product portfolio and simplifying customer relations
The Alumeco Group is expanding the product portfolio and simplifying customer relations

Alumeco, a leading Scandinavian wholesaler of aluminium and red metals, now offers stainless steel as part of the product portfolio. The expansion will make it even easier for customers to do business with Alumeco.

Simplifying business

Per Thanning Johansen, Alumeco Group CEO, explains: “Our goal is to give our customers a competitive advantage, and that is a heavy obligation. To reach that goal, we listen carefully to the needs and wants of our customers. When 6 out of 10 say that it would be an advantage to be able to buy stainless steel with their other metals, we have to act on that.”

Increased need for one-stop shopping

“When we speak to our customers, we see an increasing demand for fewer suppliers and fewer contact persons. This means less administrative work for our customers, fewer misunderstandings and a general reduction in both the time and resources needed. Stainless steel will also be on our digital platform soon, making it even easier to do business with us,” Per Thanning Johansen continues.

One contact person, one delivery, one invoice

At Alumeco, you have one contact person. We are not changing that,” says Per Thanning Johansen. “What we are changing is that your contact person can now also help you with stainless steel. That makes the buying process simpler for you as a customer. You will not have to coordinate deliveries from several different suppliers: Your order will arrive in one truck, with one delivery note and one invoice. This also limits the CO2 footprint of the whole process, which is an important bonus for us,” Per Thanning Johansen concludes.

Alumeco is currently offering a standard portfolio of stainless steel consisting of plates, bars, tubes and profiles. The portfolio will be expanded over time.

About Alumeco

Alumeco A/S is a strong, international trading company based in Odense, Denmark. Thanks to our committed and ambitious employees, the company has grown into a market leader.

A clear growth strategy is showing the way, and one element is to continuously focus on developing both new concepts and our employees. Keywords such as customer orientation, flexibility and quality are core values in the Alumeco Group.

Alumeco provides aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel to metal-consuming industries and is a market leader in Denmark. We employ 1000 people worldwide and have an annual turnover of $730 M.

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Alumeco Group CEO, Per Thanning Johansen, 66 17 81 17