Shopping with Alumeco is now 3x faster

Shopping with Alumeco is now 3x faster

Have you noticed that our webshop has gotten faster this past week?

We have overhauled the whole website and webshop so they are now 3 times faster than before.

Niels Wolmar, Group Commercial Manager in Alumeco, says:

Shopping online needs to be fast and easy – we all know that from our private lives. So we have upgraded our webshop and cleaned up the digital back room to give customers a smoother experience.

The webshop is now a clean slate that we can develop and add even more features to in the coming years – and if you have any suggestions for new features, let us know at the end of this article.

Facelift for the mobile version

The speed is not the only upgrade this time around. The mobile version has gotten a facelift, which makes it easier to place an order from your phone or tablet.

You also have access to all the features on My Page, so you can retrieve old invoices, approve offers or check your purchasing history when you are on the go.


What should we improve next?

Rasmus is in charge of developing and running our webshop, and he would like to hear your suggestions and ideas.

Which features would you like to see in the webshop?

What would make your job easier?

Is anything not working properly?

Send your answers to Rasmus at, then he will take it into account in the future development of the webshop.