Carbon reduction: Now we are tackling transport

The emissions from our supply chain are 290.000 times higher than scope 1.
The emissions from our supply chain are 290.000 times higher than scope 1.

Since 2020, Alumeco has worked on mapping and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in scope 1 and 2 with a range of projects. Now we are ready to take on scope 3, which includes the entire supply chain from extraction of raw materials to recycling of metals after use.

Scope 3 is by far the biggest source of emissions – in fact, the emissions from the supply chain is 290,000 times higher than our scope 1 and 2 emissions. This also means that there are areas of scope 3 where we will not be able to affect the emissions.

Our primary focus in this initial phase is the transport between us, our suppliers and our customers. The first step here is to map all the emissions and identify the areas where we can make the biggest difference.

As one of the biggest metal suppliers in Denmark, it is our responsibility to contribute to moving the industry in a positive direction – and we have the power to change things. But working with scope 3 is a long and difficult process. So the first step is to understand where we are now, and where we can make an impact.

- Per Thanning Johansen, CEO, Alumeco Group

University graduates help with the mapping

A group of university graduates are currently helping us launch the project through a project called Lead the Talent. Their help is a valuable resource in the complicated and time-consuming task of mapping the emissions and identifying the most impactful actions.

The five graduates come from various backgrounds within the realm of sustainable business development, supply chain management and product development. The purpose of Lead the Talent is that the graduates gain experience in the job market while solving a specific problem for a local business.

The team from Lead the Talent are currently mapping the emissions from scope 3.
The team from Lead the Talent are currently mapping the emissions from scope 3.

The mapping is based on the GHG protocol, which is the global standard for measuring and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Transport is turning green

The first area of focus for the group is the transport from Alumeco to our customers, as this is a link in the supply chain that we own and control. The goal is that the customer will be able to see the carbon footprint from the transport directly on their invoice or in a separate tool.

Furthermore, the group will identify and recommend specific actions that we can take to lower the carbon footprint from our transport. These will be incorporated as projects in our ongoing sustainability strategi.

What is scope 1,2 and 3?

Scope 1 covers the direct emissions from the company. These are emissions that come directly from the buildings, processes and vehicles that the company owns.

Scope 2 covers the indirect emissions from the energy purchased by the company. The emissions are indirect, because they do not occur at the company’s own facilities but are still a result of the company’s actions.

Scope 3 covers all other indirect emissions in the supply chain that are caused by the activities of the company. This is e.g. emissions from suppliers, customers and transport.