Customised solutions

In both small and large projects, very special solutions developed for the project may be needed. This requires experience, knowledge of materials, flexibility, strong partners, focus on costs - and professional sparring throughout the process from idea generation to delivery of the perfect solution for your job.


For many years, Alumeco has completed large and small design and delivery jobs for a large number of different trades and industries. In these cases, we work across metals, opportunities and companies to develop the solution that is needed.


We invest our experience and competences in a targeted and manageable process in which we follow you all the way from idea to product and solution.


Add to this …:


Total solution and the possibility of One-Stop Shopping

With Alumeco's comprehensive range and broad competences, you can enjoy One-Stop Shopping. We make it easy, simple and efficient for you. Also in relation to inventory management and ongoing, precise delivery of your materials and the solutions we have developed.

Alumeco is a full-service partner that offers you a total solution which also includes the possibility of processing, surface treatment, assembly, packaging and logistics.


Global supplier and partner

Alumeco is a supplier and partner with a broad and international interface from which you will also benefit when we develop your customised and unique solutions together. Amongst others, this has to do with networking and flexibility in relation to sourcing.


Market-oriented and qualified purchasing advice

The price of metals can be a rather unstable variable. However, at Alumeco, we are market-oriented and follow the market closely - also on your behalf.

Therefore, we can offer you accurate, up-to-date and professional purchasing advice.

When is the price of metal low to make it worth your while buying larger quantities of material - and when is the price too high for large purchases? We guide you to the optimum purchases.


Affiliated contact persons during the development phase
In the development phase of your solutions, we place great emphasis on dialogue and exchange of ideas and data. That is why you always have affiliated contacts at Alumeco during the development phase. This adds continuity and stability to the process.


Efficient logistics
Your newly developed solution must be supplemented with efficient logistics that include both storage and delivery. Alumeco offers you this in a modern logistics setup at our warehouses and tall-shelving systems in Odense and Coswig from where we deliver the agreed products and quantities at the agreed time.


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