May we help you with your special profiles?

As specialists in aluminium, we have extensive knowledge and experience in special profiles. For many years we have been handling big and small design and delivery assignments for a wide range of different business sectors and industries. Regardless of the task you present us with, we can contribute with professional discussions and assistance tailored to your particular task. We will help you in every step of the process from concept development to delivery while guaranteeing a thorough and transparent process that always gives priority to each individual need.

Logistics setup

With a total storage area of over 40,000 m2 and an extensive logistics setup, we are happy to be of service with everything from storage to delivery of your materials.

Global supplier and business partner

Through our constantly growing global network, we are always geared up to find the right supplier for you.


By closely following the market, we can always give you professional purchase advice based on market trends.

One Stop shopping

We offer a wide selection of both standard and special products, which means that you can buy your aluminium from a single point of sale.


Our economic strength and cooperation with a wide range of specialised manufacturers mean that we are independent and competitive – to your benefit.

Knowledge- and experience-based guidance

The process of obtaining a finished aluminium item can be complex. That is why our organisation is tailored to always offer you clear and simple solutions, which, needless to say, are built on qualified and professional guidance.

From concept to product - we follow you all the way

When working with us, you will always find that you are part of a dynamic process, where we go through all details, large and small, together, until all your expectations are met. We know that you as a customer will bind both human and economic resources to your project. This is why it is our goal to ensure that you feel secure throughout the process and that you receive exactly what you want. A partnership with Alumeco is your guarantee that you are getting the most out of your investment via as simple and structured a process as possible.

  • Your concept
  • Guidance and discussions
  • Mutual agreement
  • Launching
It all starts with your concept

As soon as you have a good idea, we will gladly add on our knowledge. Your idea and our knowledge provide the best prerequisites for your project.


Via 3D printing we can visualise your concept early in the process and with our expertise, we can advise you how to optimise your solution to the greatest extent possible.

It pays off!

Together we have found the most optimal solution and we are now ready to launch your order so that your project is completed on time.


You can now sit back and relax; Alumeco has taken over the process and will follow your shipment closely until it is delivered to you or your customer.