Brdr. Platz

Brdr. Platz about to mount the new truck with aluminium material
Brdr. Platz about to mount the new truck with aluminium material

Carlsberg emphasised the weight

When the brewery Carlsberg chose to consolidate a great part of its production in the east Jutland, they needed a logistics solution that could bring the fresh beer supplies back to Zealand and the capital area. The Southern Jutlandic Brdr. Platz was in charge of developing the coachwork for a truck that could transport huge quantities of beer. For several reasons aluminium was an evident choice in the solution.

The brewery Carlsberg had some totally clear demands for the solution that was build up with the coachwork company Brdr. Platz in the Southern Jutland: the vehicles were meant to transport as much as possible, and still they should keep their weight under the allowed limits:

- For that reason we worked in aluminium, because it does not weigh anything. In stead, the weight and the space would be used on the customer’s product, namely beer. And as aluminium only weighs one third the weight of steel, concrete it meant maybe about five tonnes less than if we had used steel. There is a great saving purely regards to weight, says Jørgen Platz, CEO of Brdr. Platz.

- At the same time it was important for us that we dealt with a material with great durability and also some very smooth plates and click profiles that could be used for building the walls in.

Strong and light

Brdr. Platz has great experience in constructing all types of lorries, pickups, semi-trailers, delivery vans etc. The approach to this task for one of the worlds biggest breweries was no different than the approach to all other tasks:

- We solve problems for other and smaller transport customers in exactly the same way. For the customer it is about transporting as much as possible both out and back - regardless of whether you transport round timber or beer. Jørgen Platz, who found the right material for the Carlsberg solution in aluminium, points out: We listen to the customer and are very good in customising every possibly transport solution for the customers needs. However, of course we are proud that our small factory delivers to one of the worlds biggest breweries:

- Aluminium is both strong and light. This makes it to a genius product in proportion to the profiles that we must use. At the same time, we got the dialogue with Alumeco that we needed, together with punctual consignments and a competitive price. In the most positive sense, Alumeco is easy to deal with, Jørgen Platz states subtle.

Total supplier with day to day

Alumeco has played several roles in the solution of Brdr. Platz to Carlsberg:

- As total supplier of aluminium we would like to offer our customers the most. For this task, we have e.g. both delivered aluminium plates, truck profiles and structure profiles for the building of the coachworks for Carlsberg. Alumeco provides for the stocking of both plates and profiles, so that the customer can be sure of day-to-day delivery, tells Rasmus Stentoft, who are sales consultant with Alumeco.

Visiting the coachwork builder Brdr. Platz AS

We had permission to visit Brdr. Platz in Haderslev to attend to a typical construction with aluminium transport profiles. Above you can see our photo gallery.