Other metals

Facts about other metals: Titanium, tin and zinc


  • Titanium is element number 22 and has been known to man since 1791.
  • Titanium is known for being extremely hard and strong. It is as strong as steel but far lighter.
  • Titanium has a shiny, high-gloss finish.
  • It is possible to anodise and colour titanium.
  • There is very little titanium in the crust of the Earth compared to other metals in everyday use, such as aluminium and copper.
  • Applications: Golf clubs, aeronautics, implants, medical equipment and gears.



  • Tin is element number 50.
  • Tin is a soft and flexible metal with a low melting point.
  • As tin is easy to mould, it has been used for figures and the like for many years e.g. in the form of tin soldiers and other children’s toys.
  • Tin is widely used as a coating for other metals to protect them from oxidation. This is called tin coating.
  • As the melting point of tin is low, it can be used to advantage as a soldering material.



  • Zinc is element number 30.
  • Zink is widely used as a coating for other metals such as iron to prevent corrosion. This is known as galvanising.
  • When zinc comes into contact with air, a stained appearance forms on the surface.
  • Zinc is easily recyclable.
  • Zinc is widely used for gutters, roof constructions, building fronts and outdoor decoration.


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