Hvide Sande Shipyard, Steel and Service

Hvide Sande Shipyard constructed service ship

Service Ship for Dong Energy for servicing wind turbines.

Commercial vessels of all kinds - and in 100% aluminium


Hvide Sande Shipyard, Steel and Service is a versatile shipyard that builds many different types of commercial vessels. Some models are in 100% aluminium, while aluminium is used in other models for lightweight structures on top.


“We produce commercial vessels of all types and up to approx. 50 meters. It's everything from tugs to ferries, fishing boats and ordinary vessels. Several of the boats are steel vessels with an aluminium deck, and lightweight structures on the top are always in aluminium,” says Hans Anton Holm, Senior Project Manager at the shipyard in Hvide Sande.


“Aluminium helps us up “above," because it is both a light and stable material. This means that the boats will not be too top-heavy. We also build aluminium ships, where everything from hulls to decks are made of aluminium out of weight considerations. They are used as transport vessels for both the wind turbine and offshore industries, among others. For example, a supply ship that we have built for Dong to service wind turbines.”


”... good at finding solutions for us”

For Hans Anton Holm and those colleagues who plan the shipyard's production, it is key to what he calls "... a reliable partner":


“The shipyard purchases a good deal of aluminium from Alumeco, who is good at finding solutions for us. For example, when we have large projects that do not simply need the standard. Here, we are always delivered with the quality we want, and on the date we agreed. This helps make Alumeco a reliable partner through and through,” he said, adding:


“Alumeco is also strong on certification, which is important for us as we require papers on all of the materials we work with.”

Seaworthy alloys

“Few people know that aluminium vessels can be built in the way Hvide Sande Shipyard, Steel and Service does, which gives them many advantages in relation to weight and corrosion resistance. In principle, you don’t even need to paint a ship built in aluminium, as these alloys are very “seaworthy.” They withstand salt water, which is otherwise one of the most aggressive [corrosives],” says Hans Martin Vestergaard, a Sales Consultant at Alumeco.


“The shipyard in Hvide Sande has primarily stocked the items from us with day-to-day delivery from the warehouse. In some cases, and in relation to particular projects, however, we order home to the project, and we always deliver approved materials where all certificates are in place, because this is documentation the customer needs.”


Time Lapse video created by Hvide Sande Shipyard, Steel and Service:

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