18 x 15 mm

AMPCO® 21 18 x 15 mm

18 mm
15 mm
3000 mm
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DESCRIPTION The increase in the Al and Fe content results in a material in which the hard gamma 2 phase is present. By correct metallurgical control this hard constituent is uniformly distributed giving this alloy its ability to resist wear. APPLICATION AMPCO® 21 is used for guide port bushings and wear strips replacing hardened steel and for some cams when no impact is involved. However, the largest single use is in forming as die rings, inserts, forming rolls, bending or drawing operations, especially when stainless steel is the material being processed. AMPCO® 21 is also widely used as work support blades for the center less grinding of steel rods. AMPCO® and AMPCOLOY® are registered trademarks of AMPCO METAL SA

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Technical Specifications


Density Al Fe Other
Name g/cm3 Max Max Max
AMPCO® 21 7.21 Cu, Copper 13.1 4.4 0.5

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