6  x 1  x 5000 mm

CW508L, CuZn37 6 x 1 x 5000 mm

Material id:
6 mm
Wall thickness
1 mm
5000 mm
≈ 0.13 kg/m
Stock material

CW508L, CuZn37

CuZn37 is the major brass alloy for the cold forming process. Even though brasses with lower Zinc content have better cold forming properties, CuZn37 is the most used alloy. Reasons for this are on the one hand economical due to lower price of Zinc compared to Copper, on the other hand the forming properties of this alloy meet the demand of many applications . The alloy type is listed in the USA by EPA to have good antimicrobial properties. Main Applications Fasteners Fasteners. Industrial Cold Headed Parts, Heat Exchanger Shells, Pump Cylinder Liners Casting Characteristics. Typical Application: Metal goods, Deep drawn parts, Components for the electrical industry, Stamped parts, Connectors.

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Technical Specifications


Density Al Cu Ni Fe Pb Sn
Name g/cm3 Max Min Max Max Max Max Max
CW508L, CuZn37 8.4 Zn, Zinc 0.05 62 64 0.3 0.1 0.1 0.1

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