Gluing of aluminium

Gluing aluminium

To avoid ex. screws or bolts consider using glue to join aluminium items.

Aluminium is particularly well-suited for joining with glue. This is why gluing could be the right solution for your structure. On this page you will find basic information about the advantages of using glue instead of more traditional methods for joining aluminium such as bolts and welding.

Advantages of gluing

First and foremost, gluing adds up to greater lightness compared to more traditional methods that use screws and bolts. As an added bonus, glued structures are also very strong. Gluing is at the same time a preferred option for structures made up of two different types of materials or concealed joints, i.e. where screws, bolts and the like should not be visible.

One of the advantages of gluing to welding is that gluing is possible at room temperature and without supply of heat. This prevents deformation and tensile strength degradation, which are often seen, for example, in connection with welding.