Capillary - 4 x 1 mm

4 x 1 mm


4 mm

Wall thickness

1 mm


60000,00 mm




0,08 kg/m

These precisely manufactured and clean tubes can be adapted
to suit all relevant areas of application. Extremely accurate flow volumes are one of the  special features. We supply these seamlessly drawn copper tubes in coils and as level wound coils.


Type of tube:           Drawn, seamless copper tube

Delivery form:         Coils / LWC / Straight lengths

Material:                  Cu-DHP / Cu-ETP

Temper:                  All tempers

Outside Diameter: 3.0  - 6.0 mm

Wall thickness:         0.3 -1.0 mm

Specifications:         According to the customer's specifications

On Request

CW024A, Cu-DHP

We are not liable for items out of stock. The specified weight is theoretical. Please contact us if you have any further enquiries.