ISOFLEXX® - 9 x 3 x 0,8 mm

Material id: 1110982

9 x 3 x 0,8 mm


9 mm


0,8 mm

Ampacity for delta T

125 A

Flexx type



2000,00 mm


3 mm


0,38 kg

ISOFLEXX® consists of several layers of copper slats protected by PVC plastic (ISOFLEX® Classic), environmentally friendly, halogen-free, silicone (ISOFLEXX® Premium) or santoprene, halogen-free plastic (ISOFLEXX® Supreme). The smaller slats and the insulating plastic make ISOFLEXX® very flexible and easy to bend and twist.

On Request

CW004A, Cu-ETP

Oxygen-containing electrolytic copper. Common alloy for live purposes. Contains oxygen and is therefore not suitable for welding and brazing, as this can cause hydrogen embrittlement in the material. Primarily bars / sheets and plates
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