Billet - 232 mm

232 mm


232 mm


500,00 mm


314,94 kg/m
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DESCRIPTION Compact grain structure and high physical properties result from proper phase distribution and hot working of AMPCO® 18 during the extrusion process. These qualities enable this alloy to perform successfully in an extremely wide range of difficult applications. It is an excellent bearing material characterized by good resistance to wear and fatigue. APPLICATION AMPCO® 18 rod is produced with a good surface finish to commercial tolerances and can be used economically for volume-production applications. AMPCO® 18 is ideally suited where high strength and hardness combined with wear and fatigue resistance are required. Some of the more common applications of this alloy are bushings, bearings, gears, worm wheels, valve seats and guides, hydraulic valve parts, pump rods, guide pin bushings, gibs and slides, etc. AMPCO® and AMPCOLOY® are registered trademarks of AMPCO METAL SA
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