Round bars - 3 mm

3 mm


3 mm


3000,00 mm


0,06 kg/m

We offer various types of brass rods to our industrial customers.
Sheets are generally available in 4 types: Round bars - hexagon bars - square bars and flat bras..
The most common alloys are: CuZn39Pb3-CW614N, CuZn36Pb2As-CW602N, CuZn40Pb2-CW617N

On Request

CW511L, CuZn38As

Is a low leaded material suited for the use in drinking water applications. It can be used for water qualities that require dezincification resistant material. Can be used where no high mechanical stresses occur. This alloys meets the requirements for dezincification resistant material according to ISO 6509.
We are not liable for items out of stock. The specified weight is theoretical. Please contact us if you have any further enquiries.