Alumeco launches GreenAl and RecycAl

Carbon reduced aluminium.

Aluminium profiles with green energy consumption and sizable rate of recycling

With GreenAl and RecycAl, Alumeco launches two new profile products: One that utilises certified green energy in the early and energy-intensive part of the production of the aluminium profiles – and one that takes advantage of the possibility of the very high rate of recycling of scrap aluminium.

- The two products are interesting and worth a closer look for the, by now, many customers who want quality while also wanting to consider recycling and the carbon footprint in their products and solutions, says Jimmi Larsen, Production Manager, Alumeco:

- For Alumeco, it is about taking responsibility for the environment and the climate, but feeling that we are able to match our customers’ wishes for environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives is also of value to us. In future, with GreenAl and RecycAl, we can become even more involved in the customer’s journey towards green and sustainable solutions. This primarily applies to aluminium profiles which may have many areas of application. These could be e.g. within construction, interior design, design and furniture, to mention but a few areas. The possibilities are many and we are excited to offer the customers a greener alternative.

GreenAl: Extraction using green energy

​The most energy-intensive aspect of aluminium is found in the initial process when the bauxite is extracted and then melted down to raw aluminium: 

- This is therefore one area where action can be taken which we have done with GreenAl. We have ensured that the large amount of energy used in the electrolysis process is derived from green energy sources such as water or wind energy rather than from coal or gas. This is a far more sustainable approach and CO2 emissions are far lower.  

With GreenAl, Alumeco can offer profiles made from newly extracted aluminium with low CO2 impact of less than 4 kg CO2 per kg aluminium, depending on the specific project.

RecycAl: Green benefits of recycling

However, once bauxite has been extracted and melted down to aluminium, the finished aluminium has significant green advantages when it comes to recycling: 

- In RecycAl, we focus on the scrap and post-consumer aspect as aluminium can be reused indefinitely – and with very little loss of material unlike other types of material. When melting it down rather than using new production, the energy consumption is at most 5 % of the original. Thus, CO2 emissions are similarly reduced. In the case of RecycAl, CO2 emissions are as low as 2.04 kg CO2 per kg aluminium, depending on the specific project and can contain up to 75 % scrap. This is extremely relevant for many customers who are also gradually being met with a demand for green and sustainable alternatives, states Jimmi Larsen.  


Both of our new brands in sustainable green aluminium are delivered with EPD (environment product declaration).


Diagram - The carbon intensity for alumnium

Kg Co2 per kg aluminium for Greenal og Recycal.

Alumeco launches GreenAl and RecycAl