Porous aluminium from ALUPOR

Nyt produkt: Porøst Aluminium


We are proud to present porous aluminium from ALUPOR – a permeable world of innovative possibilities


In collaboration with ALUPOR we have the pleasure of presenting a new material at the Aluminium 2018 exhibition in Düsseldorf the 9-11 October: ALUPORTM. Porous aluminium from ALUPOR is an innovating material which breaks down the boundaries and expands the possibilities of aluminium use.


Porous aluminium is characterized by having an open and permeable structure with pores in the entire material. This makes the material:


  • Highly porous – up to 55-75 %.
  • Very light.
  • Perfectly suited for filters, mufflers/silencers and moulding of EPS/thermoplastic.
  • Economically advantageous compared to existing products on the market.


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