Cleaning of anodized aluminium

Cleaning of anodized aluminium

Since soiling of the aluminium surface will increase corrosion and discolouration, cleaning and care of aluminium are important in order to preserve the anodised aluminium surface in the best possible way. Maintenance of anodised aluminium applies to both indoor and outdoor environments, where the surface is subjected to heavy stress from the environment.

Regular cleaning

Soap products with a pH of 6-8 should be used for regular cleaning of anodised aluminium. Here, however, it is important to ensure that the products used do not contain chlorine. A weaker ammonium chloride solution can be used with caution. Whether you choose this solution or soap products, make sure you rinse the cleaned surfaces afterwards with plenty of water.

Cleaning of very soiled surfaces

For heavily soiled surfaces, for instance with dried oil, tectyl, glue residue etc., you can use both aqueous solvents (e.g. methylated spirits, acetone) and benzene, thinner, petroleum and white spirit.  

Finishing treatment

After the cleaning, we recommend a finishing treatment with, for example, beeswax or spray products developed for the purpose. The finishing treatment forms a protective film on the anodised surface that facilitates cleaning in the future and dim surfaces can at the same time obtain a silky look. There are also products that combine the cleaning and wax functions.

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