Chemical surface treatment

Chemical pretreatment

Aluminium item pre-treated chemically and mechanically - before anodising.

Chemical surface treatment is a modification of the aluminium surface through chemical processes. This type of surface treatment is used most often as a pretreatment method for subsequent finishing operations, such as anodising or powder coating.

There are numerous chemical surface treatment methods, among others:


  • Pickling
  • Chemical polishing
  • Chromating/phosphating

Chromating/phosphating is often used, for example, as pretreatment before powder coating, and is a good example of the function of chemical surface treatment.

If you are in doubt about whether chemical surface treatment is the right solution for you, or if you have other questions, our skilled team with their extensive knowledge will be happy to assist you, offering guidance and instructions.


Example in pictures showint the process from raw item to anodising via chemical and mechanical pretreatments:


  • Raw aluminium item
  • Same item treated mechanically and then chemically
  • Same item anodised 5my.

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