Aluminium with stainless steel look

Aluminium with stainless steel look.

Did you know that it is possible to get aluminium plates which look just like stainless steel ones yet have the great qualities of aluminium such as durability and light weight?

We offer you a solution with our aluminium plates. They have been anodised 10 my and have a slight bronze tone.

What can our stainless steel look aluminium plates offer you?

With this kind of aluminium plates we deliver a solution to those of you who need a durable, dirt-,corrosion-, UV-resistant and anti-static material. Last but not least, the plates are lightweight, uniform in structure and at the same time fingerprint-proof. With this solution you get both a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

How can you use our stainless steel look aluminium plates?

Whether you are looking for a solution for, for example, kitchens in the form of panels and decorative design, or need plates for signposting, you can take advantage of our stainless steel look aluminium plates since it is possible to print directly on the anodised plates.

What stainless steel look aluminium plates can we offer you?

If you are interested in our plates with stainless steel look, please feel free to contact one of our consultants. Since we have a wide selection of this type of plates, together we can find exactly the solution that suits you and your needs best.

If you wish, we will send you a free sample of our stainless steel look aluminium.