Assembly and packaging

Tailored aluminium packaging solutions.
Tailored aluminium packaging solutions.

Items are always packaged according to your desires and needs. We offer professional handling of aluminium profiles and workpieces from beginning to end. Our experienced and skilled employees have the necessary knowledge and equipment to get the workpieces further ahead to you.


Alumeco offers several forms of assembly where you as a customer can take advantage of our broad experience when it comes to handling aluminium profiles. We offer the following options:

  • Insertion of rubber strips
  • Mounting of pop nuts, screws, helicoil inserts etc.
  • Assembly of miscellaneous accessories


If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact our skilful team, who will be glad to assist you by applying their extensive knowledge.

Below is an example of packaging of profiles and accessories. A customised solution that ensures sound storage and delivery:

  • Accessories for aluminium profile
  • Special packaging of aluminium items
  • Special packaging of aluminium items

Below video showing how aluminium plates are carefully packed for safe delivery: