Floating Universe

Profiler fra Alumeco danner ophænget for Yuko Takada Kellers kunstværker på Hillrød Bibliotek

Aluminium frames from Alumeco form the supporting construction for the thousands of paper cuttings of each work.


Patrons and curious visitors at Hillerød Library in Denmark are getting an extra experience these days.

The reason is Yuko Takada Keller’s solo exhibition Floating universe, which is displayed at the library until November 6, 2021.

100,000 paper cuttings

Each of the five pieces consists of 20,000 to 30,000 paper cuttings, hand cut by Yuko Takada Keller.

Afterwards, the paper cuttings have been carefully hung from aluminium frames in the ceiling, so they form 3D sculptures.

Profiles from Alumeco bring the sculptures to life

The frames, from which the sculptures are suspended, consist of L-profiles and U-profiles in EN AW-6060 T6.

The frames are crucial to the artworks, as they allow the paper cuttings to be hung in the exact way that shows their intended three-dimensional shape.

About the artist

Yuko Takada Keller is born in Japan and has lived in Denmark since 1997. Her original form of expression was woven gobelins, until she discovered tracing paper in 1986.