Ørsted Telte

Ørsted Telte

Tent 30 x 105 metres

From special to standard profile


3,000 VIP guests during mega concerts in Horsens


The concerts in Horsens with Madonna and The Rolling Stones placed Horsens on the map as an innovative cultural centre, able to create attention with prominent mega concerts.


In connection with the concerts, the organisers needed an enormous tent for 3,000 dining VIP guests. Ørsted Telte is an expert on tents and has specialised in the development of tents of all sizes.


Alumeco was ”listening in"

Alumeco has been working with Ørsted Telte for several years, developing special solutions and for this project, Alumeco was also "listening in”:


"The organisers in Horsens needed a tent with a width of 30 metres. At that time, there was no such tent in Denmark - no other Danish tent rental had anything like it. And the tent of 30 x 105 metres has been rented out several times since,” says Keld Sørensen, co-owner of Ørsted Telte, who can deliver and install tents from 3x3 metres to tents of 4,500 square metres.


"The people in Horsens were very happy about the tent and it gave us the best possible place to start renting out the big tent, since we gained several contacts for large Danish companies, who regularly need a big tent for events, when sport arenas etc. are too small".



Profiles mounted

Extruded and anodized aluminium sections.

From special to standard profile

The mega tent was developed by Ørsted Telte’s in-house designer, who started drawing the solution in auto-CAD and 3D models. The tent company then needed to find suppliers, who could deliver the single components, from canvas to steel for the aluminium profiles that “held” the tent.


"We have worked with Alumeco for several years and for this project, they developed what is now ”our” profile. They pressed and anodised the material and made suggestions in terms of dimensions and alloys. In other words, they are our total contractor on aluminium", says Keld Sørensen, who has made the special profile a standard profile in his range of products, so the company can order it from Alumeco in the required sizes for new tents.


Here is the final product: Ready for 3,000 dining guests.


The article was made in cooperation with Ørsted Telte.



3000 dining guests